Know Your Plates (Part 1)

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Reef building hard corals in the order Scleractinia are animals that could be mistaken for plants. One of the most common such corals at the Great Barrier Reef is Acropora hyacinthus.  At Myrmidon reef last December, we found ridges replete with these plates in various colours including brown and green.  It was in the back lagoon […]

Dr Jennifer Marohasy Speaks With Jo Nova On Climate Change: The Facts 2020

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Join Jo Nova and Dr Jennifer Marohasy, former Director of the Australian Environment Foundation and current Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, as they discuss all things Climate Change: The Facts 2020 – the definitive guide to the latest international research and analysis on climate change science and policy. Together Jo and Dr […]

Dr Susan Crockford Talks To Jo Nova About Polar Bears and Climate Change: The Facts 2020

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Are walruses the new polar bears – a heartrending icon of the devastation wrought by climate change on the arctic life? The Netflix documentary, Our Planet, would have us believe so. However, evolutionary biologist Dr Susan Crockford reveals how polar bears and walruses are in reality thriving in the Arctic – much against popular belief […]